Importing Goods into UK

When you receive our purchase order please check the detail and acknowledge within 24 hours.

Where you are an overseas supplier and the goods are being imported into the UK, and under the incoterms we are responsible for the customs clearance of the goods, you must also provide to us a shipping invoice and packing list with some key information, so we can instruct for the customs clearance of the goods on import. This information must be provided in advance of the goods arriving in the UK so delivery is not delayed due to goods being held at the point of import.

In the shipping invoice and packing list, please include the following information as a minimum:

  • Our purchase order number (one per invoice)
  • Product description
  • Commodity Code (10 digits)
  • Origin(Country of the last transformation) EU origin: Statement following Trade and Cooperation Agreement between UK and EU
  • Quantity, unit of measure,
  • Weight Net and Gross/ Package
  • Price for Customs purposes and currency
  • Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)
  • Your company name, address and VAT registration number
  • Importer: Name and EORI number
  • Your contact details in case we have a query
  • Quote reference number if applicable

Where Forth Ports Limited is the contracting party and the company being invoiced/stated as consignee it shall be the Importer and Forth Ports Limited’s EORI should be stated which is: GB 592 9785 69 000

There may be instances under warranty contracts whereby the following subsidiaries shall be the contracting party, and therefore being invoiced so Importer.  Where this is the case please use the EORI for the party being invoiced/stated as consignee:

Forth Estuary Towage Limited: GB 592 9785 69 003

Targe Towing Limited:  GB 592 9785 69 028

Please note delivery address does not impact the EORI number to be used, the EORI stated should be the party being invoiced/stated as consignee as this is the Importer.

Once the goods are ready for shipment can you please:

  • Email the packing list and shipping invoice
  • Email all transport documents (AWB/CMR/BL)
  • Advise the estimated date of loading
  • Advise contact details for the freight forwarder

Please email to:

Please note there is a legal obligation on the supplier to provide us with the above information to allow a correct customs declaration to be made.  Please note if there is a delay in providing information, this will likely to cause a delay in goods being delivered, and a delay in payment.

We will then look forward to the timely delivery of your goods and services.