Vendor Management


Suppliers and contractors must be selected on their ability to perform the contract taking into account our ethical, environmental and energy business practices.  Suppliers/contractors are required to complete the business evaluation process which is managed by the Procurement team.

Performance will be monitored, reviewed and we may wish to audit your organisation for compliance purposes.  Assistance will be provided where required.

Negotiations may be conducted with the selected supplier / contractor to finalise the contract terms and conditions, including pricing, delivery schedules, warranties and any other relevant information.

Health & Safety

Forth Ports seeks to achieve the highest standards in the management of Health & Safety in all areas of its operation. These standards apply not only to our own employees, but also for the benefit of contractors, customers, agents, visitors and the general public.

We have a Group Health and Safety Policy Statement that demonstrates our commitment to health and safety.

Our safety programme is called ‘Safety F1rst’ and is aimed at cultural and behavioural change to further promote safety. At the heart of the campaign is our Safety Charter, developed in consultation with our employees.

We have developed a set of Life Saving Rules which all our employees and stakeholders abide by and can be downloaded here.

Any safety observations made in our ports should be reported using the below QR code.

Performance Management

Service level reviews will form part of performance management.  We ensure all service level reviews are carried out in a timely manner.

The review is designed to monitor supplier/contractor performance and proactively manage any risk in the contract and that of the supply chain.

All expectations of the contract should be made clear from the outset including scope of work, deliverables and expectation from both Forth Ports Limited and the supplier/contractor.