Net Zero

Forth Ports commits operations to be carbon neutral by 2032 & Net Zero by 2042.

Forth Ports has outlined its commitment and the actions it is taking to achieve a Net Zero carbon operation by 2042.  The company, also outlined an interim target of achieving carbon neutral emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 2032, while creating an infrastructure platform to help accelerate the UK’s path to a decarbonised economy.

To achieve this across the group’s eight ports, the team is overhauling and electrifying equipment and machinery, switching to low carbon fuels, increasing on-site renewable energy generation and promoting low carbon delivery alternatives such as rail and barge. This is complemented by very significant investment in new port infrastructure to support the offshore wind revolution taking place in the North Sea.

Sustainable electricity – all eight ports use environmentally sustainable sources of electricity, including on-site wind turbines at Tilbury, London’s major port. All new warehouses will have solar roof panels installed as standard, such as the recently built 100,000 square foot facility at the Port of Grangemouth freight hub.  These projects are already satisfying a meaningful proportion of the ports’ power needs.  A programme of rolling out new LED lighting is under way to further reduce power use across all port estates.

Low carbon fuels – for mobile equipment and marine fleet, the strategy is to blend and utilise alternative fuels.  Initially this involves the widespread use of sustainably sourced hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) and, as technology develops, other methods of low emission propulsion.  An ongoing programme exists to introduce more fuel-efficient equipment and marine fleet across the asset base.

Green energy ports – the group is focused on delivering low carbon logistics and large-scale port infrastructure to support green energy generation.  The group has overhauled its rail offering by investing heavily in four of its rail terminals, at Tilbury, Tilbury2 and Grangemouth, alongside progressing the reinstatement of a rail connection to Rosyth as part of the Forth Green Freeport initiative.  The group has invested significantly in port infrastructure to support the roll-out of ScotWind at Dundee and Leith, which will create high quality green jobs and help facilitate Scotland’s just transition to a Net Zero future.  In addition, the group has recently installed shore-side power at Leith and its new development, Tilbury2, is shore-side power enabled to help drive down in-port emissions from visiting vessels.

Scope 3 or supply chain emissions – Forth Ports is working with its supply chain to drive down the group’s Scope 3 emissions.  These mainly stem from the use of steel and aggregate when constructing infrastructure or purchasing mobile port equipment and marine vessels.  The business is pro-actively engaging with suppliers to find fit-for-purpose, low carbon emission alternatives.  For example, the award-winning construction of Dundee’s renewables quay, called DunEco Quay, used steel pipes fabricated from reused or recycled materials. The port also created a paved storage area by reusing building and road materials from the onsite works, which avoided adding to landfill and reduced – or eliminated – road delivery miles, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon in the delivery of this project.

Forth Ports Commitment to Net Zero:

Sustainable Procurement

The Group recognises its responsibilities to carry out its Procurement activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. The Group and its Procurement Department will therefore strive to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental and energy legislation.
  • Ensure that all procurement decisions are taken in the spirit of the Group’s Environment, Energy and Sustainability Policy.
  • Encourage suppliers to deliver environmentally sound products and services through a low carbon and environmentally sustainable supply chain.
  • Work with suppliers to help them understand the Group sustainability objectives and find lower impact alternatives where applicable.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure they have a clearly defined pathway to net zero.
  • Ensure that suppliers are aware environmental and energy credentials are considered in the supplier appraisal and contract award process.
  • Specify, wherever possible and reasonably practicable, the use of environmentally sound materials and products.
  • Ensure that an opportunity is given for the inclusion within all specifications, of a facility for suppliers to submit offers for environmentally sound alternatives.
  • Explore opportunities for recycling of materials as appropriate.

Forth Ports Scotland are a delivery partner of Net Zero Nation.  Forth Ports are mobilising SME’s on their pathway to Net Zero by delivering accelerator programmes.

Precision Pest Management Solutions Ltd are committed to providing our services while minimising our impact on the environment. The Net Zero Accelerator will be a useful tool in this.

Diamond Industrial “Our decision to embark on the Net Zero Accelerator is driven by our deep commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. We understand that industrial supply chains can have a substantial impact on carbon emissions and resource consumption. Therefore, we have set ambitious goals to reduce our environmental footprint and align with global efforts to combat climate change. We believe that by joining forces with like-minded companies in the Net Zero Accelerator, we can achieve greater progress, overcome challenges more effectively, and create a positive ripple effect that extends well beyond our individual operations.

As Briggs Equipment look to further reduce our carbon footprint, the Grangemouth Net Zero Accelerator is a perfect fit, to help us drive our company & our suppliers, to understand how & where, they can make a difference, in our drive to Net Zero & why, it is critical, to our success.

John White and Sons – This year at John White & Son our focus has been on making sustainable improvements in our operations to serve our customers and environment better. As we make progress towards net zero weighing innovation, our customers’ needs are at the core. It is an exciting period as we move our operational capabilities to a more efficient and environmentally sustainable model. This is a challenge which we are excited to take on and accomplish in partnership with Net Zero Nation

Scott Direct – It’s great to be part of this program. We firmly believe in sustainable business and the benefits it brings to the community, our clients and the environment. Taking part in this program will help us to do that and working alongside the other companies in the area will provide insight into what other businesses are doing and help us learn more effectively about Net Zero together and find new customers and partners along the way!